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Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-05-17 19:02:27 (UTC)

The grain of rice.

It was a normal day. just like every other. But Samantha
received a telephone call, from her best freind's parents.
Her best freind, Terry, had, had an unexpected death the
previous night. Samantha was so over welmed with emotion
that she found a young wizard. She asked the wizard if he
could bring Terry back, so she wouldn't feel the pain, or
be lonely anymore. The young wizard nodded and replied
that he could infact bring her beloved Terry back from the
dead, but Samantha had to do something for him. Samantha
was so relived that she said she would do anything for the
man. He needed ingredients, to make a potion for Samantha.
He told her to get the ingredients. He listed off some
unusaul things, but one by one Samantha retrieved them.
Finally, after months of fetching the wizard's
ingredients, he read off the last item he would ned to
make the potion. "I need a grain of rice, from a person
who has never suffered loss of any sort." Samantha nodded,
that should be easy, she thought. She searched all over
her area, knocking on people's doors, and requesting a
simple grain of rice from anyone who has not suffered
loss. No response. So she decided to knock on every door
in the country. No one could give her what she needed. So
she went all across the world and knocked on every door,
before returning to the wizard. "Wizard, there is no one
in the world who has not suffered loss before. I could not
bring you your rice." The wizard nodded and said, "Don't
you see? There is not a person in the world who has not
felt like you do right now. But their pain passed, as will

I came across this story, in a book I was reading. I
modified it a little bit, but its the same general ideal.

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