Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-05-17 17:41:24 (UTC)

As the stomach turns

Dearest Master,

this slave's apologies to Carol Burnett, but that is what
O/our life seems like right now. You and this slave are in
a good place right now, but it seems like O/our families are
going over the edge. At some point this slave would just
love it if all this drama would end. A few days of just
plain peace would be nice.

Last night after the kid's game, You took this slave out to
dinner at O/our favorite little mexican restaurant. It was
so good, and there was so much food. W/we enjoyed
O/ourselves so much. Thank You, Master.

After W/we got home, this slave spent some time with the
kids watching their favorite baseball team play on TV.
Happily, both the little league and the major league team
won their games. After joining You upstairs, this slave
changed into thigh hi stockings and a pretty bra and pulled
her hair into those two pony tails You love so much. You
pulled her tits out of her bra, so You would have easy
access to them. You had this slave stand beside You so You
could suckle each nipple. this slave stroked Your head and
neck lovingly while You sucked on her nipples. You then had
her sit down on the chair next to You, and join You in
looking at the images on Your computer screen. You allowed
this slave uninterrupted access to the pictures of the
beautiful, naked females on the screen, but this slave was
more enrapt by Your words. The images on the screen last
night were not necessarily the type that this slave most
enjoys, but Your voice and the words You speak will always
turn her on. Your voice strong and deep and stirs this
slave's soul, and accompanied with the words of both fantasy
and reality really make this slave's pussy gush with
excitement. You spoke of the discipline that is due this
slave for past indiscretions, and of future plans for U/us
when the time comes that W/we find O/ourselves alone for a
day or two! Right now some of O/our plans are merely
fantasy, but they will become reality at some point. W/we
just need the time and space to put O/our fantasies into
action. this slave can wait, but she is definitely looking
forward to O/our future.

Anyway, after You came twice on this slave's stomach and
tits, You invited this slave into bed with You. You had her
bring her lubrication, so she thought she might get the
chance to go for an "O", however, she never got the chance.
she stroked You to orgasm one last time, and then, after a
bit of conversation and cuddling, You rolled over,
signalling time for sleep. this slave lost her shot. You
had given her opportunity twice to cum earlier when You were
jacking off over top of her, but she was not at a point of
readiness. this slave cannot say that she did not have her
chances, but she sure would have loved to have had one for
shot at it. Oh well, this slave knows that You are in
charge, and it is up to You whether or not this slave is
ever allowed to cum again. she has given over this most
intimate power to You, and this surrender has been made of
her own free will. You are Master of her body, mind, and
soul, and this is what she has wanted all her life.

this slave has a bit more school to teach for today, so she
must sign off for now. this slave is Your loving, loyal and
devoted slave-pet,