What's On My Heart
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2005-05-17 05:41:38 (UTC)

Some Thoughts Of Encouragement

Hey people,

You know is crazy sometimes. You start a
day off thinking out everything you have planned and knowing
what you need to do and determined to do it, but then
something happens. Maybe something small, like you run into
an old friend at the gas station or something large, like
you get into a car wreck. Whatever that something is, it
happens and changes the rest of your day.

I started off today psyched about everything. For no reason
either. Just determined to have an awesome day. It started
and ended great, but not because of what I had planned. I
somewhat cleaned my room. I finally found half of my bed
and about 1/4 of my floor, but I'm gettin' there. Don't
push me. Anway, I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and did
all the normal things I do from day to day, but something
was different about today. I felt like nothing could go
wrong today. It was weird, but nice.

It helped to get a text from my "boyfriend" or whatever the
hell he is today. He is a sweetie, but gosh, I don't know.
Have you ever just wanted something so bad that you feel as
if once you get it you're on cloud nine for about a week? I
want something truly bad, but I haven't gotten it yet. I'm
just thinkin' life is good. I don't have the perfect life,
those of you that have read my previous entries know that,
but my life is not all that bad. In fact, it's down right
awesome right now. I haven't had any threats in the last
few weeks and my heart condition, though still annoying, is
becoming more and more bearable. I'm back into my exercise
mode, so losing weight is always a good thing. I met some
new people that have just been awesome to talk to. I'm out
of college for the summer. Nothing is going wrong right
now, but that also gets me wondering, when it's all going to
fall. With good, comes bad; with bad, comes good.

I know I am just rambling, but people, just know that you
may not have the perfect life. Things may suck royally
right now, but look up. There is still a sun above you to
give you warmth and I'm sure there is a friends arm beside
you to help you get through the tough time, maybe it's there
to carry you through or just to hug you when you need it.
Life will get better, don't give up on it just yet. I read
a billboard in FL that said, "I like gives me
something to do." I so agree with it. Life does give you
something to do, but it's up to you on what you're going to
do with it. Look at it and get depressed and live days of
unhappiness and build a future of uncertainity and past of
regrets OR look at it and live it to it's fullest and know
that the future holds nothing but greatness (along with some
struggles that make you stronger) and your past will hold
memories that you will cherish forever.

Be happy one day and live on cloud nine...not because
something good happened or you got what you wanted, but
because you can. Live on cloud nine whenever you want and
enjoy it to it's fullest!