Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-05-17 03:55:04 (UTC)

Just another day in Paradise?

Hello hello everyone. I have a lot to say, but I doubt any
of it will be said. GREAT NEWS: My boss from Pondo called
last night and asked if I was gonna work for him or not
this summer, so job problem solved. So I "girded up my
loins" in preperation to take the news that I would be
stuck back in the kitchen again where I reigned as the
miserable queen in my former work there. However, when I
went in and saw him today, he told me he had heard that I
wanted to waitress and make some extra cash this summer,
and that's what he intended to let me do!!! The whole time
I was there, they would never let me out of the kitchen,
but now, I'm free! I get to see the light of day!!! He said
I didn't deserve to be stuck back there with the rest of
the wild turkeys and that it was only right to put my out
front and show me off. That's a good compliment if anything
is. I'm a little nervous cause I've never waitressed before
and they'll expect me to be good cause I was a good cook,
so fingers crossed and wish me luck. If I'm a success,
it'll make me good for more jobs in Louisville. YAY! Oh!
and I heard they need help out at pattis so that's an
option for that second job I raved about so much, if not
RGIS, a company mom works for will give me a try at
inventory. the opry gig. I'm set and happy.
Aside from that my brain is encompassed in figuring out my
list of the top 40 greates male country singers of all
time. What a dorky thing I know, but CMT did one and I
couldn't bear some of their choices. So sometime in the
future expect to see my rant about that and my own personal
list... which will be the true list! HAHA.
I went to the band concert tonight at the high school. Wow!
that is the best concert sound I have ever heard from that
school. Everyone look out for the marching marshalls next
year, they're gonna be hott by my prediction. Then I went
to waffle house with andrew, good to see a face my age
again who know people from louisville and will discuss it
with me. Yay!

final thought:"Life is but a dream..." "...We all fall down"
Yay for my chemical romance being in my cd player