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2005-05-17 00:41:29 (UTC)

Don't leave because...I love you you idiot

hehe gosh I love that show. I saw the finale like forever
ago but I totally loved it. Wheew. Haha I can totally
imagine me saying that to some guy. Only probably not the
last part. :P

Anyhow. Friday night me and Katie went and slept
over at Kayla's and that was fun. We made food and watched
Cheaper By The Dozen and yes. Then my daddy had to pick me
up at like 11 because I had Suessical rehearsal at noon at
Facey. That wasn't too bad. It was long and hard work
though. So after that I came home and nobody was home so I
came on the computer for a bit. Then my mother came home
and it was like almost 6 and I was like "I think it was
the 1/2 piercings day at Enchanted today" and so then I
phoned and it was ilke 10 minutes till they closed and my
mom said I could go get my belly button done and the
people at Enchanted said I could still come so we raced
there and yes. I got my belly button pierced. I wasn't
even scared. Katie said it didn't hurt (I watched her get
hers done and I held her hand) but it actually did. And my
mom and Danielle watched (I didn't have enough time to get
Katie or Kayla which was disappointing but oh well) and
Danielle said that when they shoved the needle (ha more
like nail :P ) through me blood started squirting out.
lol. Then when I came home I lifted up my shirt to show my
dad (who didn't really want me to get it done in the first
place) and there was blood everywhere. lol and of course
when he's eating supper. I'm sure I scarred him for life.
lol. Then on Sunday it was Michelle's confirmation so we
went to church and my legs really hurted (growing pains or
something. How retarded.) and so that just totally made
the service drag on longer than it did. Then after the
service we went out for lunch with my grandparents at
Kelseys and that was good. I had a soccer game at three
though and so I missed the first half because the church
service went long and then well lunch. But my team won.
We've won every game so far. Then after the game we had
pictures and I got a slurpee and it was all good. Then we
drove Katie to the pathway so she could go home and then I
came home and changed because I got to go to the night
service at Millwoods Pentecoastal Assembly with Mexico
people!!!! lol I was tres excited. So my mother drove me
to the church and we hung out there for awhile then we
went. There was only me, Scott, Jodi, Alex, Kailey, Jacqui
and Grant so we only took Alex and Jodi's cars. Naturally
I went with Alex. lol he's the worst driver ever but that
only makes driving with him all the more fun. haha NEVER
boring when you're in his car! Only we didn't do donuts.
But we did go on this road that we weren't supposed to go
and and we swerved and everything. lol and we sped. But
what else is new? We were doing 140 at one point. So yes
that was grand. I love the band at the service. They are
just plain amazing. So after the serivice we went back to
Olivet and there was a service or something going on there
too and Jodi and Scott went to that and the rest of us
just hung out in the nursery and played with the little
kids. John and Grant made a little girl cry and me and
Alex were trying to make her stop. Only it didn't work. So
Jen Herrington had to get the girls mom. Then the girls
little brother kept throwing a ball at Grant. John was
being the BIGGEST ass ever last night. He just plain
pissed me off. Alex too. When he's around Grant he just
shows off and trys so hard to be like Grant but like wow.
Major ass who totally pissed most of us off last night.
Then Jeff White and Jeremy (forget his last name) came to
see Jen's two friends and yeah. That was mostly when John
started being an idiot but he seemed to be in a bad mood
all night. Whatever I'm pissed off at him now anyways. So
I was like ok whatever I'm going to phone my parents to
come get me. Only I went and talked with Jacqui instead
then I was like "ok I'm going home now" and started
walking. Then Alex came and said he'd drive me home and I
was like "No your car's almost out of gas just drive me to
your place and I'll walk the rest of the way." So we went
to his house. And I finally got to see his purple beetle!
He's selling it tho :(. And I got to see his orange
totally rusty mini that he's gonna redo eventually and I
got to also see the car he's building right now. So that
was pretty cool. Then he drove me home. He wouldn't let me
walk. He claimed that even though his gas gauge almost
read 'empty' that that would last him 3 or 4 days which is
crazy but I guess true. So he drove me home. And I watched
the Finale of Survivor then went to bed. But now I really
have to go work on my social position paper (thriller) and
then I have tutoring. So peace out!
Love forever and always,

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