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2005-05-17 00:36:01 (UTC)

papa squat

yesterday was sweet...marsh came over for like 5 hours yesterday...we
have so much fun together..its liek he is one of my best freinds as well
as my boyfreind...he definatly yried to steal my kappa pants yesterday
and we were wrestling and runnign all over the house...it was great!

well our time together ended rather abrubtly and i was callws to
polo...once i got there i was liek...fuck this...and walked frum thomas to
graeters...and just hung out...got my hair wet and walked home...how
fool proof....

i kinda hurt today..

well i woke up dis orning tired as fuck...walked into my dads room and
claimed to be sore frum polo and thta i had prep first n second....even
tho i had science...so he let me sleep in...yay

school was fun...sumhow lots of ppl think i slept with marsh after prom
and let me just say...

I MOST DEFINATLY DID NOT!!!!!!! thats more nick n josh especially

i go thome and dowloaded the rest of da prom pics...take a look..i have
two more cameras coming...

we got another english proj today..and i am doing a project on
steriods..i think im gonna interview carters dad (ex power lifter) and joe
d ( thomas weight room instructer and mr ohio)

me n elena treind to leard how to break dancce today..and were doign
pretty damn good! we watched 8 mile an i said i needed a hip hop name
(liek papa duck or b rabbitt) and we desiced on papa squat...nice...and
we reserved another break dancing video frum da library...

i reaquanted mah self wit sum old music videos today...and saw sum
HALLALRIOUS ONES! liek rapping balck countrysingers...and songs about
15 beers ago..and random bunnies..and such..

phones ringin..
~papa squat~

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