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2005-05-16 23:27:11 (UTC)

"The Revange Part 2"

"The Revange Part 2"
The light was so bright,
Stinging so badly,
What is happening?
I can hear them screaming,
I see flashes of them,
“Wake up, Come on Stay with me!”
but I don’t want to go back,
what’s the point?
And that light,
It is so bright,
But , who is that?
Ahead of me, its looks like a person,
It’s me,
But IM on the floor,
And every one is around me ,
Screaming, “Clear!”
My body jerks hard on the ground,
IM still so cold,
But there is me,
All in black, looking down at me, cold on the floor.
Shaking my head,
“Do you really want this?”
I look at myself, blue still and cold, they won’t let me
move , I try to jerk away,
But they hold me down “Stay still”
I try and talk but there is no way I can, the mask is on
so tight.
But I seem to understand.
“yes there is better for you”
I look around me at the faces,
Their all frantic , all moving so fast, it all seems to
blur together,
Looking up at the ceiling,, its now a bit lighter, I can
see the light from the computer screen,
And I feel so sick inside, like I am falling down real
“you have a choice”
I move there the many people, and stand right over me, and
look down,
“He is waiting for you”
I am so confused it’s all happening so fast,
The cold fool is under me and the people won’t let me
Suddenly a sharp pain at my arm,
I look over they are stapling me shut,
I try to jerk my hand away,
Try and scream,
They hold me down,
I look up again and I’m still looking down,
“All you need to do is let go”
I can’t fight any more,
They are trying to move me now,
I try and jerk my hand away one last time, and they don’t
catch me this time,
I press my hand on the gurdy
And push it too the ground, I swipe at them all and push
the ones beside me a way,
I get up to my feet,, and push them all back,
I look down at my arms, and there are IVs every wear, and
pull them out and scream in pain,
I threat each on that comes near me with the IVs,
I look to the ground and see a med. bag, I grab it before
the medics can get it,
I grab a scalpel from the top of the bag and drop the bag
back to the floor,
They all step back as I threat them with it,
Some of the stronger me push toward the front and then
push the rest beck,
I can hear them calling for back up , “We need help here,
we have a patient bleeding heavily from the arms, that is
becoming combatant”
I think what the hell are they talking about,
I look down at my arm and see the stream of blood running
to the floor,
I feel so sick,
One of the meds tries’s to grab me and I swipe at him with
the scalp, and I smooch the bunny him deep in the arm,
Them there I am again,
I walk slowly past the meds, and walk beside me,
“calm down miss we are only trying to help”
I look at them , I am shaking now.
“Your dyeing, you should give up now, theirs no point in
all this” as I pint to the med tending to his smooch the
bunny arm,
I shake my head,
My head is dizzy again,
I can barley stand now, my legs are not holding my weight
I can’t stand any more I feel my legs give way and I fall
hard to the ground,
My head hit the concrete and then there was the bright
flash again,
There I am again, standing against the light,
But their someone else their,
He is gorgeous, long flowing blond hair curling down
to his shoulders,
Dark black leather jacket, tall , with red glowing eyes,
He smiles at me, and I can see what he is ,
He is a beautiful , dark vampire,
“he’s been waiting for you”
he moves toward me, and I don’t move, he puts his arms
around me and I don’t resist, my eyes are fixed on him ,
he moves toward me, I can smell him, like cotton candy and
he is so seductive the way he moves,
he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him I
shudder as I feel his strength,
he whispers in my ear “Don’t you know me?”
I shake my head as he moves his head beside my ear,
“You know my name, all you need do is say it”
a million names race through my head , so many faces I
through, trying to place his face,
then I see it in blaring clearness,
There in the bible, so many times, how can I be so blind,
there it is in huge letters, right in front of me,
“Lucifer.” I say in a dull whisper as he holds me close,
he backs his head away from me and moves my hair away from
my face, and he simply smiles,
“Glad you recognize me”
he moves his head back on my shoulder as he holds me so
he whispers again “I have been watching you for some time
I am swimming in all of the pleasure I feel ,
“Why were you watching me?”
I move my head to his shoulder and I feel such relief that
I had never felt,
He laughs a slight seductive laugh,
“because I want you.”
I can’t feel my self any more all the pain I had felt was
gone now,
I feel the soft ness of his hair as it brushed my face, so
soft, like a new born.
I am lost in the lust I feel, I wanted him , all of him, I
could see me with him, I wanted him in every way, I wanted
to taste of him, to feel him , to have him, I wanted him
have me, to want me, to tease me, to hurt me, I wanted
“take me then”
I say to him softly with seduction in my voice,
“do you want to be mine?”
he asks me as he moves my hair away from my neck,
then I feel his lips on my neck, then his soft vampire
my back arks with pleasure,
it is pure excty as he drinks from me.
All I feel is this pleasure through my body, every thing
going dark now.
I open my eyes, and I’m on the street,
I do a quick turn and look for him every wear,
The street is so busy, is night, and by the sounds it’s
Where is he?
And man brushes past me, and I turn so quickly , I make a
low pitched sound like I had never made before,
The man turned to me with wide frightened eyes and ran
away from me with out a seconds hesitation,
I step back a bit ,
Was that me,
Then I feel him, he’s beside me now,
“yes that was you”
I turn around and there he is, my dark god, smiling at me
once again,
“how did I do that?”
he laughs and smiles at me, he gently grabs my arm and
leads me over toward him and faces me toward the racing
“This is our kingdom, this is all yours my love, we will
walk the earth together now, and the one that hurt you,”
he pauses, and looks down then moves his head back,
“he will pay.”
He wraps his arms around me and for once in my life I feel
safe, I feel like I can live again.