Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-05-16 23:24:30 (UTC)

duck...smooth on surface but ..........

greetings all,

Master is a wonderful Man. right now He is very busy with
alot of things in His life. i wish i could be there to help
Him de-stress when He comes home each day. being so far
from Master is a real pain in the butt at times. Master
Joel's previous entry was so heart warming to me but one of
his comments has got me thinking more than normal.

He has stated that in His past that He had encountered
problems with finding a slave to meet His "criteria". one
of these problems was actually distance. to the best of my
knowledge the distance between Master & i right now is the
furtherest yet. Wwe not only have distance but also the
added problem of the phone Gods as well.

i cant wait for the next time Master Joel and i are able to
talk for a while on the phone. things havent been going
real well in that respect. this time Wwe cant blame the
phone Gods. this time it is more a case of finding an
appropriate time to suit. oh how i hate the time and
distance thing between us.

love & big hugs
Master Joels collared slave jess.

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