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2005-05-17 09:01:24 (UTC)

subdiary 16-05-05

i finished my latest course of antibiotics but i dont seem
any better. i had a follow up appointment at the doctors so
i was grateful for that. the infection is still with me but
is getting better. the inflamation of my inner ear wasnt as
bad as it was the previous week. the deafness & the
wooshing sounds are slowly driving me insane. i am so
irritable and with deafness it is a hidden problem. people
are beginning to doubt me. the doctor told me it could be 4-
6 weeks until i get my full hearing back.

Master knew i was to go to the doctor in my morning so i
was anxious to tell Him about my ear and about a few other
things. Master was busy so was unable to take my calls. i
tried to understand but wrongly i had assumed He had given
me the brush off 2 days in a row. the more i unsuccessfully
tried to contact Master the more depressed i became. my
thoughts grew deeper and darker. i became restless. i knew
i had to go to work but i couldnt go until i knew where i
stood with Master. work contacted me so i left my computer
running while i was gone in case Master came online when He
had finished His important business. this is something that
i did once before and i ended up getting into a bit of
trouble as some1 else accessed my computer in my absence.
but for Master i was willing to risk it one more time.

when i returned Master was online and Wwe were able to chat
for a while about things. Master had sent me some
wonderful cards last week and i received them today. also
with the time and distance between us i have organised to
work every saturday now so i can have most of monday off so
Master & i might be able to spend more time interacting. i
know that wont always be possible but at least it will be
less stressful for Master.

slave jess {MJ}

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