Hollow Years
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2005-05-16 22:34:29 (UTC)

Dont worry cause I'll always be there for you...

I'm upset tonight beccy kept going on about alex and how
she'll never really get over him and it made me think i
hate thinking...

I hope i don't feel like this forever i cant it kills me i
just have to stop myself thinking about it or find
something to look forward to or i get really down.

Right now im looking forward (is that how you spell it :S)
going to Sam's party it should be fun i suppose i think
anna is sleeping maybe emma n leah i dunno.

My mum has had to book 3 rooms for the hotel at the wedding
well shes not done it yet but she is going to she says...

i feel like crying so i think im going to go to bed in a

yey art first tomorrow :)

Hmmmm i wish i had someone there for me who cared about me
and loved me back...i wish i could feel safe. Why doesn't
anything ever go right :( im gettin pretty sick of my life
now hmmmmm

Song: Avril Lavigne - Why
Mood: Meh

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