Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-05-16 19:52:31 (UTC)

Words, tears, laughter, cry**poem**

-Words I said to you (My Love)
Words you said to me (How could this be?)
Words I couldn’t say (Please understand)
Words left unspoken (I love you)
Words I never whispered into your ear
Words that you never got to hear
I love you, I LOVE you. I HATE YOU!
Back to ground one, what’s new?

Tears I couldn’t cry
Tears-Useless to my body
Tears I never shed
Tears left for sorrow-remembrance

Laughter- I never tried
Laughter- To understand
Laughter- What went wrong
Laughter- With our hearts

Cry-For me_ to say _ These words
I cry- I love you; in the middle of the night
Cry I hate you; because I left you
Cry-Believe in me; because I thought I was right

Words that led to tears
Tears that needed laughter
Laughter that never wanted to die
Cry-My soul; you are alone

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