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2005-05-16 18:45:31 (UTC)

moving out

FYI... me and tim are back together. Point blank he
realized a bunch of shit and now i am treated like gold. It
is amazing. I would have regretted it if i didnt give him
another chance. So anyways... as soon as i get a car I am
moving to the camp with Tim. We were ganna live upstairs
but he actually just called me to tell me that his sister
is moving out... so we can have her place. That is great.
Tim also said something about getting a piece of shit car
so i could drive his truck... so it might be sooner rather
than later. I dont know yet. But i am really excited. I
cannot wait to get the hell out of this hell hole. I just
sent in my application to tim's college... so as long as i
get accepted we are going to get an apartment down there.
We are going to go next week sometime to look at them. that
excites me also. starting in a couple of weeks I will be
working every single day of the week because I want the
extra hours. It's going to be crazy. But oh well.

anyways now i have to go get ready for work... 4-8