What the heart wants
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2005-05-16 18:40:06 (UTC)


well today i found out e has to go to court tomorrow over
child support and he may go to jail. i don't want him to
go. it scares me b/c i love him so much i don't know what
i will do if he goes to jail again. this is too much like
the first time we was together. he went to spend 6 months
in jail we had only been together 1 year then. it scares
me. he messed up real bad thurs night went out and got
wasted and acted a fool didn't come home till 8 it the
morning and it took him 2 days to sober up. then we talked
about our relationship and where it is going and what has
to happen this time to make it work. we are now living
together so we will see what happens. it is hard thinking
about him going to jail again it hurts. hopefully they
will just give him a certain amount of time that he can
find a real job. i wish someone would call him and go to
work. dealing with him going to jail is no piece of cake
and it hurts to even think about it at all. tears come
from my eyes and it hurts. i am hoping and praying for the
best but preparing for the worst.