taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2005-05-16 18:27:26 (UTC)

"We're all sluts, cheap products, in someone else's notebook"

the next time someone in the business industry tells you
that your opinions are important, or that they value you're
(blank), or that Home Depot is there for you Charles
Brackter of Joplin, Missouri, remember that key phrase. For
the insignificance of you, consumer unit #24454673, is
extremely intimidating. We get whored by various
corporations and factions of society, and we whore ourselves
to various corporations and factions of society. You are but
a cum stain on the slacks of Home Depot, Mr. Brackter.

In the low-budget porn movie of life, you are the loose,
semen-drentched skank, and corporations are grining, spent,
faceless cocks. Enjoy the ride.