Play With Me
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2005-05-16 17:32:09 (UTC)


Well, lets begin by saying that i.....was messed
up friday nite. I would like to say thanx to Carlie
O'neal for a bottle of smirnoff triple black, Ozzy for his
Everclear, arin for her vanilla vodka and sunkist mix, and
arin's uncle for that big ass bottle of smirnoff twist
apple. And thanx to matt moser for playing cheaufer
hehe...well, by that time, i was good and buzzed..yea,
buzzed, he.... and im just sittin there with jon hildreth,
and liz drank tha rest of my smirnoff while i wasnt lookin,
and we're just talkin and chillin...and then justin Lowery
( EVERYONE was fucked up friday ) came over an dsat on me
an djon an d liz, and jon got up off tha half fallen bench
and sat in tha chair next to it, an dso i pushed justin off
of me and got up na dsat on tha ground in front of him na
dlayed my head on his leg an dhe's sittin there lookin at
me and we were talking...about, something idk... an dhe
said he really wanted to kiss me but he couldn't or wont or
something, and he was mumbling something an di sat up and
tried to kiss him but he wouldnt an dthen he sat there and
looked at tha sky for awhile, and he said that every night
now before he goes to bed he drinx alot and gets hi as hell
and somethin about crack or cocaine or somethin and then he
just gets up and walx off. So then me and liz are just
walkin around and im talkin to felicia burton, and then i
met kyle melton nad kept calling him brandon hehe and then
ben felt sik so he wanted some water so i had to go in and
get him some waterand some 30 somethin year old women kept
talking to me and one siad her name was bj and i cant
remember tha other ones name ans they were commenting on
how they wanted to find tha most individual person and
talk to them and i was that person, and Carlie Oneal and
Mole's daughter, adn Mole's daughter's friend all said tha
same thing. Carlie said only i could pull an outfit off
like that. Well, then i kind of remember giving ben tha
water, and some 20 year old who knos tracy mcdonald who
worked with my daddy tried to mess with me but i pushed him
off and said nah, i dont think so, and then when i walked
outside tha house, jon was sittin by tha amp on stage and i
walked over to him, adn he moved over so i could sit down.
Well, we're just sittin there talking, adn ben is laying on
tha floor in front of us, and bobby throws a m & m's bag on
him and thought they were skittles. And he still argued
that they were skittles even tho tha bag was right there
(thats how you kno your fucked up!) and then me and jon are
talking and im sittin to tha side and in front of him and
he said again that he wanted to kiss me, really, but that
he won't, then i was explaining that i was really really
sorry and what had happened and all that even tho there
isnt an excuse, and that i was breaking up wid eric, and he
said that i had broke his fuckin heart na dhe had slit his
wrists over it, and all i could do was apologize and then
lay my head on him. And then he was like well, ill call you
tonight, an di said that my phone was disconnected and so
he told me to call him. Oh yea and Jamie stole Jon's phone!
I dont kno what was up wis that, i hardly remmber it when
it happened, but i had to play it strait when i talked to
her on tha phone for jon. Well, i didnt get up wid him this
weekend so i wrote him a note with my cell # on it for
bobby to give him so mabe he will call me. well, i will
continue on to talk about eric tomarrow, why, when, and how
i will break up with him but i aint got time now.

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