. bob loves jane buut hates alot of oth
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2005-05-16 17:07:41 (UTC)

Here we gooooo again. once a year? Is it really worth it. No. but i'm bored. Bored.

oh for pete's sake who the fuck is this pete fella?
I know a few Petes. most of 'em are tossers.
i think that proves my point. but in case you don't; i did
some fucking research. "why FUCKING research?" i hear you
ask. use your imgintion you cunt.
According to my experience being called Pete, or even better
Peter gives you a 34.8% chance of being a complete Tosser,
and a staggering 78% chance of being a bit of a wanker
sometimes- comapared to the national averages of 5% and 44%

To be honest, i cheated with my research. while fucking a
few dogs, i mean bitches, i spawned a few puppies and
brought them up as tossers, named them all Pete and for
Pete's sake we have a foooking result. what the fuck, yes.

i'm bored again.
If your name is pete then i am sorry.

Sorry that your a cunt, mr Cunt! ahahahahahha!
No really i'm sorry.

...sorry that your a fucking Tosser, Signor

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