My Diary
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2005-05-16 13:46:34 (UTC)

Another sleepness night?

I have been feeling really sick in the past couple of
days. My flue has gotten worse and my cough is not getting
any better either. I was so tempted to call you and talk
to you. But I know that you need to have some time alone.
So, I have tried my best and hardest to leave you alone
for a while.

It is really a bit of a shame that things could not work
out better for us. I only hope that in the future when we
look back, we won't be regretting the decision we make now.

I just don't know how to express my love to you anymore.
Perhaps it is just wrong timing again or perhaps we both
just afraid to get hurted again by getting invloved in a
deep relationship. Deep Sigh!!!

As you always say, such as life!!! But is there really
nothing that we can do about this as we both know that we
do love each other.

Another DEEP SIGH!

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