slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-05-16 23:25:07 (UTC)

sub diary 15-05-05

i woke this morning feeling bright and looking forward to
the day. the time difference between Master & i can be a
problem at times, especially on week ends. Master has so
much to do with the move and all and at times i think i
might not be thinking too clearly. i could blame it on my
ill health right now but i shall not. thats a real cop out.

i made a big mistake today. i thought Master would have
finished moving for the day as by my calculations it was 8-
30 pm at his end. the roomies at my end were all going out
bike riding so i grabbed the opportunity to call Master
for an intimate chat. i called His cell but hung up before
getting His voicemail, then called His home, got message
that his answering machine was out of memory. i should
have quit then but not me :( i called Master cell again,
this time He answered. He didnt sound Himself but stupid
me tried to talk to Him anyway. He was very busy still
moving with His friends and hadnt had any dinner. I
wrongly thought He was brushing me off. Wwe did manage to
chat for a short while later after He had posted in my
diary. He explained everything there but it made me feel
even worse as i hadnt given His reasons that much thought
before. it was late and Master needed to rest after such a
long tiring day so Wwe said out good nights and agreed to
talk tomorrow.

i love you Master
slave jess {MJ}