Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
2005-05-16 12:52:07 (UTC)

Do Hamsters Masturbate? - AW

Alright so I was getting ready for bed two nights ago and
I had some candles going while I was on the computer and I
realised I couldn't hear Jackson (the hamster). Usually
he's up at night so he can run on his wheel (to purposely
annoy us and try to keep us up I think..). Anyway I
looked at his bed (he has a little room off to the side of
the cage connected by a little tunnel) and I could barely
see since it was just by candlelight but I could tell he
wasn't in there. I started thinking maybe he managed to
get out somehow. So I reached over and turned on the light
and looked into the cage. I realised he was crouched in
the back corner of his cage which was somewhere I'd never
seen him and before I could look away or turn the light
off so I could leave him to clean himself, he looked up at
me and I noticed which part of himself he was "cleaning".
I couldn't help but be surprised by the idea of a
hamster "doing it himself". He got up right away and ran
into his bed and turned his back to me like I'd caught him
doing something he shouldn't have been doing and he was
embarrassed. I didn't mean to interrupt him and I felt bad
after but who expects to look into their hamster's cage
and find him going at it alone?
-Angel Wings

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