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2005-05-15 23:31:24 (UTC)

a message

lewis wrote this song about me!!! i love you lewis!!!

(verse 1)

i look into your eyes/and i see the pain that i've
caused/and if i could only take it back/and change the way
i am/i want to be someone else/i've tried to change my
ways/but my heart is always yours/no matter what you think


what doesnt kill us just makes us stronger/and what makes
me strong is you/if i dont have you i'll be weak on the
inside/and i dont wanna lose you/dont wanna lose you

(verse 2)

i feel like im your judas/i wanna be your saint/we will be
stronger now than ever/because faith is on our side/when
cupid came and shot me/i bled like anyone else/i am human
after all/and i know what love feels like


(verse 3)

how many times have i kissed you/nowhere near enough for
you/i want to kiss you everyday/and tell you everything is
ok/we have had our differences/but we are both the same
person/i want to send a message to you/ and i know what i
want to say

(chorus x2)


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