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2005-05-15 19:31:01 (UTC)


So Finally last night was prom, all that planning and
worrying and fighting is finally was worth it. it
was amazing. i'll start from the beginning, so me and my
friends all got our hair done at 1:00 and that went good i
guess i liked my hair not the best but it was okay. but my
friend sara didnt like hers so they had to take it out and
do it over, she was just having a hell of a night. but
after that me and mallory went and got ready together and
took picures we were ready really early. so then everyone
started to come with thier dates and we all took pictures
then went to travis's to take pictures and i met his mom
which she was really nice. then we went to grisantis to
met all my other friends there. it was so pretty and so
much fun with all my friends there. except my friend
danielle drank a little to much pop and pucked at the
table on her dress. it was really embarrasing for her and
she felt really bad but it was funny later on. so the rest
of us didnt eat much. travis was much better then i
thought he would be my friends loved him. and so did i. i
won a pots and pan set at post prom. and the dancing was
amazing i started crying b/c my best friend of 8 years is
graduating early and i wont see her much next year. it was
sad but everything went really well. at post prom i won a
pot and pans set a 100 dollar value free! i probably wont
use it but i was excited that i atlest won something

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