Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-05-15 18:26:46 (UTC)

FUCK Summer!

Summer. I hate it. The Sun and the heat get too me like a
giant invisible masquito suckin my patience and attitude
dry. I get sweaty (i hate bein sweaty :| ). All the
preppy lookin girls are outside so there aint no hot girls
around anymore. bah....i just wanna hybernate the entire
season away. Can't fuckin wait till Fall and Halloween
come around. I been told too move too Alaska, and i'm
really considering it. :|
I'm gona go lay in my cold dark room too work on my pale
as i entertain myself with Psychopathic Music and video
games. Only 2 days till The Calm comes out yo. I'm out
like a fat kid in dodgeball. MCL!!!

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