Autum's Leaves
2005-05-15 16:28:13 (UTC)

End Game

It's sad really. Last night was the last preformance I
would give at my highschool, and the last I would have
with my drama teacher, since she's retireing.

I cried. It was hard not to. We sang "We Go Together"
for our finale song and while we were singing "we'll
always be together" at the end, ugh, that was hard, and
then we had to go through getting our flowers and that was
sad, and the final hugs on stage. *sigh*

I finally got things cleared up w/ that guy, and I hate
I'm even talking about him. But, things are...fine now.

My ex had a party at his house last night, so I'm not
exactly happy with him. I didn't go. I didn't do anything
after the preformance. I came home and stayed up till four
in the morning. Ee.

I may get some of the girls to come over today and
watch movies since it's dreary and kinda rainy and we're
all tired from preforming all weekend.

Egh, just one of those days. Don't know what I want to
do, so I guess I'll end up not doing too much.


"It's the end of the world, as we know it, and I feel