slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-05-15 17:37:22 (UTC)

rough weekend for us both

Dear slave jessica,
I know youre mad now, wish you would chat and let me
explain my day, wish phones worked better.

I know your thinking about things and upset, and I am
worried one thing like this can be such a big deal, you
know my love for you is real , and deep as the oceans, but
I am a Master, and human too, can't be perfect always
under every trial in life.

Sorry to hear about bitchy cheating lady on dress deal,
sound like to me she wanted nice dress for party or
wedding and then wanted money back, sorry abour flat tire,
proud of you on champagne, and worried about ear and
hearing hope doc has mmore info on monday.

My day was eventful too, furniture got delivered but they
said be there between 2 to 4, they called about 4 said
they would be late, was 5:30 by time they got there and
got stuff in.
Friend Jim got there got a quick load loaded up, theyre
married friends, got to old place on first load, got lots
moved, had issue with door latch on old place never been
right since swap on glass door got it fixed, was glad for
help but had friends asking me where stuff was to go, some
stuff got moved I would have rather waited on, so yes knew
my message machine was full, had more important things
going on to day, also had to get licence plates for car
today too,.

so we hauled at least five double loads in pickup and
friends car. was loading last load when you called, have
heavy item in hand when first call came in, could
not just drop it, cell was in shirt pocket. friend and his
wife were helping on last load but needed to go, looked at
called id was unlisted, thought it might be you.

you called me second time just as I was going in for last
heavy item, so talked with you, motioned jimmie to help
will with heavy item, so was talking and motioning to jim,
kept talking and they loaded up item on truck and were
waiting on yes was rushed as willy and wife
needed to go. Jim and I had not had dinner.. so sure
between hassle of moving and trying to be thankful for
your call and friends helping me but waiting on me was

they were talking on joking about some of my album
collection. But I knew they needed to get going and their
car was parked at new place while we were at old place.

thats why I was trying to be effecient and as kind to all
as I could be, thats why I was trying to be serious cover
stuff like our chat tonight, Yes I know how rare it is
for us to have access to land line, but had load to unload
and promised Jim a dinner for helping me move. That is why
I was being focused on setting up a chat tonight with you,
hoped you understood things on my end.

know you don't get time on land line but again we have
gods against us, this time on my end, the moving gods.

So when logged on and say you idle hoped we could chat,
then read your messages one bothered me, sent replies then
saw you online, hoped we could chat then you logged off.

I assume your mad and choose not to chat when I hope you
want too,and I ask you too.

then had to reboot pc on isp issue logged back on and hope
you can chat hope we can talk, or chat sometime tonight.

I am worried about your ear, wish we could chat.

I love you very much, my sweet slave jessica
Master Joel

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