What's On My Heart
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2005-05-15 07:31:41 (UTC)


Okay people,

Have you ever hurt someone so bad that you truly didn't even
know to what extent you hurt them? You thought that maybe
you barely even touched their feelings, but come to find
out, you went deep down and tore them up inside. Well,
that's where I am with a certain guy. A guy that I truly
love and care for so much that I don't even think he knows.
I said some pretty cruel things. I was having a bed night,
but there was no excuse what I put him through tonight. If
you truly love someone, there are going to be times when you
hurt them, but not intentionally or because you had a bad
day. I simply wasn't myself tonight and you know
something...I don't deserve him. He is a true friend,
someone that I have been looking for a long time. He has
stuck by me through thick and thin. If I were honest with
myself, I would realize just how much I truly do love him
and if given the chance, would pack up and marry him. Of
course, he doesn't know this, but no need to tell him, eh?!
How could I have hurt someone that dear to me?

Louie, if you are reading this...which because of the
marriage part, I kinda hope you aren't. that would freak
you out I think. But if you are, know that I do love you.
You are too good to be true and I apologize for the things I
put you through. You are one in a million. Any girl that
gets you (hopefully me) will be lucky. I hope she realizes
just how lucky she is before it's too late. I didn't
realize until too late and for that, I truly regret not
giving you a better chance. Stay sweet baby!


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