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2005-05-15 06:45:28 (UTC)

I Love My Sean

So yeah, i didn't exactly write in this thing for a long
while so i figured, hey, why not tonight. I have nothing
better to do besides sleep, and i'm always doing that,
lol. So anyways, yeah, Sean and I have been going out for
a year and a half now and i'm still so happy with him.
Yes, i'll admit there are times where we fight and argue
and sometimes get annoyed with eachother, but has there
ever been a good relationship in the world where two
people never fought? It's what makes us strong and i feel
that it's actually making us closer than we already are.
Lol, it feels like i say this all the time but its so
true. I love Sean so much. Last Saturday he surprised me
with a picnic set out on the grass at our spot at coffee
creek. He told me to meet him there and i had no idea he
had planned a picnic for us. It was so much fun. After we
ate, we tangled ourselves up in the blanket to keep warm
cuz it was kinda cold out. And then we ended up stealing
the blanket from eachother and running away with it, lol.
yeah, good times. I'll never forget it. So anyways,
tonight was fun. Well, besides the whole driving
EVERYWHERE to get Star Wars tickets, ugh! I felt so bad!
We thought that Valpo had a midnight show so we drove all
the way there to get tickets but they ended up not having
midnight shows so then we drove alll the way to portage to
get them where they were expensive as hell, and ugh, what
a nighmare! I felt so bad cuz if it wasn't for me having
to work all the time, we'd be able to see the show in
valpo for a cheaper price. Ugh! What a mess, lol. Oh well.
I just can't wait to see star wars. I'm like such a huge
fan! lol. So yeah, that should be fun. I can't wait. So
anyways, tonight we hung out and watched "What women want"
for a little bit, lol, and then we went outside in my
backyard and had a campfire and chilled with my parents
and stuff. You would think taht would be so boring but it
was actually kinda fun. You know, just sitting and
relaxing and sharing old stories, i mean, i love that kind
of stuff. And we hardly ever get to do that stuff. So
yeah, it was fun.
Well, think i'm gonna go. I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!

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