Elizabeth M.
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2005-05-15 06:06:58 (UTC)

Being Beautiful Does'nt Do Anyone Any Good

So I went out to Jims hoping that I would see Terrence.
But He wasnt there, I can sleep really good if I saw him,
Anyways, I met up w/Cherl & Dean. Lets see,.... I had 3
mixed drinks, 1 shot and 3 beers. I hugged Randy as he
left. Kevin & his wife showed up. I havent seen then in 1
yr now. Mark was there,.. I dont know his last name.
He told Dean that He thought that I was Really,
really ,really good looking, Why cant I get away from Marks
in general. I told Cherl that after that Last Mark that
that name is off limits for me,The last Mark broke my
heart, Cherl told me that he has money, and I told her that
I didnt care about that. I was told by someother guy at
Randys table that I was beautiful.
So I ask, What can you do w/that? NOthing, being beautiful
doesnt get you anywhere, I have found that out. It only
gets you in trouble or no where at all. I have been looking
all of my life for that special someone and still I havent
found one that will stay w/me, Yeah I have had offers but I
dont want that, I want that one whom I am destend to be
w/for the rest of my life. Why is it so changling for me? I
guess that I cant settle for 2nd best, and whats wrong
Cherl told me tonight that I should stop looking and just
have fun with these new guys that I meet, That life is too
short and dont think about a future right now, But that is
all I think about, I would love nothing better than to be a
house wife and have children and to please my husband
So I had this dream last night about Terrence, Damn hes
HOT!!!! We flirt all of the time when we see each other, I
just wished that I had enough nerve to go through with what
we say to each other.
Getting back to my dream, He and I were taking in this
Bar, I was sitting at this table w/him and 2 other guys
that I didn't know, His wife was at the bar getting drinks.
Terrence and started to flirt and next thing I know we are
leaving the bar and walking to his car, First I left then 1
mins later he leaves, we meet at his car then I turn around
and his wife is walking towards us. I was asking out loud
where My car was at, then Terrence was acting like he was
trying to find it. It was weird, then I woke up. I went
back to sleep and the dream continued. But it was
different, I was back at the bar again with him. We were
walking out together from the bar and we were kissing.
Then I woke up again. That sucks!! Sometimes I wish that
the dreams come true. I would be in Heaven!!

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