Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-05-15 05:50:18 (UTC)

Never thought I'd say....

Well, I deffinately never thought I'd say that I miss
Vancouver. But I do. After my complaints from when I was
there, now I kind of wish that I was there. I don't so
much miss the noise and dodging hundreds of people on the
sidewalk, but I miss my friends. Now that I'm here in PG
it's hard not to think about all the good times we had.
It's a possibility that I might move back there. Maybe
after the summer or maybe in a year or so. Depends how it
goes here I guess. I'm still considering GP but who
knows.Where I'm going is anybody's guess.
Mom's here for a visit this weekend. Nothing's changed...
she's stil a crazy lil lady.

I cut and dyed my hair today. Again. Muwhahah. I went
from being a brunette to a blonde to todays new "light
brown with blonde streaks" in it, all in less than a
couple months. And I chopped off almost 4 inches..
So in the past 2 months I've cut 7 inches of hair off.
But today I got a professional to do it. And it looks
good! And my hair's not fried. She said I've got
surprisingly healthy hair, especially with all the
processing i did to it. Hehehe.. what can I say.. I get
bored and then decide that since I'm bored, it would be a
good idea to do a new haircolor.Oh well.

PG is okay, I've got one friend here from good ol K-town.
I'm hoping Jer will come back soon, possibly within the
next few days. So then i've got someone to talk to besides
And today theres was a cute stray kitten and the
alcoholics in the apartment below me asked me if i wanted
it but i said I'd have to talk to Jer about it. He DID say
he was thinking about getting a kitten but that could've
been silly talk. But the kitten was so cute and loving. I
pet it on it's head and the next thing you know it was
nudging it's head against my knee and tried to climb up on
my lap(I was kneeling down.) And then it followed me up
the stairs.. And i couldn't let it in and then it started
meowing outside my door. Almost broke my heart just
listening to the poor little thing.

Anyways I'm gonna go drink some juice.

-Dragon Eyes-

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