Technically Speaking...
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2005-05-15 02:24:30 (UTC)

Small World

I think I got an ice cream headache. So I've been talking
w/ Bobbi. He has the greatest sense of humor,but somehow is
like he has difficulty keeping up w/me, and he came up with
the "sexual chemistry" phrase the other day, and ever
since, we've been making fun of it, yesterday we went to
the mall and for a change we got totally lost, at least my
life can have a little bit of everything but of being
boring...I logged a mini-psb history on PSB Online. So, MIL
calls 'cause she wants to go to the a.m. tomorrow, how come
there can't be a wax one!!! ): So poor Bob, gives me the
impression he hasn't been so happy, I don't know really,
naive and stubborn ass, sounds familiar?.I haven't started
my diet yet, I say I will, but as a matter of fact, I'm
having some italian ice -or whatever u call it-right at
this moment, and is greeeaaatttt!!! So Cc says she is
leaving once she gets her docs, I bet that is bs, she'll go
nowhere.John is just 2 good 2 b tru. And though big &
handsome, he's totally useless...

Is interesting, I could be in Confetti's dancing the night
away....good old times.Probably it would've been reggetton,
extasis w/ Mario... and the low-rise, super tight jeans, oh
no, I'm better off right now, calm, quiet, and very art
savvy...yeah right! (this last one).

As u can see, I don't got much to say tonight, only that I
got to go to the a.m. tomorrow, and got nothing to wear!!!
I wish I didn't have to!!!! Well, at least I can wake up at
noon every day next week if I wanted 2, that's what I want,
to be treated like a queen!!! :)