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2005-05-15 00:22:51 (UTC)

Owen, Oh Owen

Owen Archie Smith... Hes so specail. Alright, While i was
manging the soccer team there was one guy on the team..
Owen. Hes junior and so sweet. Hes not like any guy, he is
restpectful, great body, and just a all around sweet heart.
I learned so much about him on bus rides etc. Hes adopted
and his younger brother levi has a twin in oregon. Rachel
and I have his sweat shrit and his necklace. I have the
sweat shrit. I've had it about a month now hehe. I told him
i'll give it back next year. Well on the last soccer game i
wasnt able to go but rachel found out hes going out with
this girl cory. I know her shes a semi friend i say hi. She
honestly isnt that pretty but nice. Anyway last night was
movie night at rachels youth group and we invited owen. He
came and we had so much fun. they had taco and we played
games and yeah. We watched some movie forgot the name but
it was like this guy hung himself and now there was a curse
on tons of people and theyed just die. One family that
moved to this town were like ditectives and yeah they tryed
to find out what was going on. In the end it was this nerd
that was related to the guy that hung himself years back
and he was poisioning these poeple with spider poison. It
was pretty weird. I didnt like it much but we were talking
to owne the whole time so we didnt watch much. Thing that
bugs me is that rachel knows i really like him and she kept
sitting by him and like messing around with him. Oh and
today i checked my messages on my phone and owen left one
and was like Cute message anyways my dad said i can go to
movie night call me back or i'll call back in about 30
mins bye... I kept listening to it over and over i love
his voice. Oh my message on there is, Hey this si rachel,
yeah thats right the cuter one, well leave a message and if
i like you enough i might call you back. :P ok well nothing
else OH i'll write a diff thing about it but yeah read next
entrie to know