Up here the light
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2005-05-14 23:41:10 (UTC)


i was born to laugh
i learned to laugh through my tears
i was born to love
im gonna learn to love
without fear.

there is this place we all eventually get to. youre so tired
all the time. tired of your life tired of your job tired of
yourself. tired of all the things youve done all the things
you havent done and not knowing how to change that.
one day you wake up and after so many days of waking up
tired you decide its not worth being awake if youre tired.
you can make that decision not to wake up.
or not to be tired.

im tired of being tired.
wake up.
changing direction in life is not tragic...losing passion in
life is.

hear: over the rhine *born(quoted lyrics at begining of entry)
rufus wainwright *cigarettes and chocolate milk

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