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2005-05-14 13:55:29 (UTC)

bored b4 prom

well i cudnt sleep last night so i got up early...at liek 9 and decided to do
dis surveyish shthingy...


[x] First name: rachel...but idont really liek it
[x] Nick names: synchro, rae, woods, woody, 22, riz niz, rizzizzle, sweet
feet... : D
[x] First Breath: 6:58 pm feb 7th....or at least thats wat they tell me..
[x] Age: 15...3 months till temps!!
[x] Girl or Boy: chica
[x] Height: 5'5
[x] Hair color: red brown
[x] Eye color: brown...but they change sumtimes...its fReEaKy
[x] Glasses/Contacts: none.....yay
[x] Braces: damn them!!!
[x] Where were you born: columbus....i am a buckeye girl
[x] Current Location:my lofty -ish thing
[x] Today's Date: 5/14... PROM!
[x] Time: 9:31 am


[x] What school do you go to: Kilbourne...and i lub it!
[x] What grade are you in: im a frosh
[x] Current G.P.A:between a 3.2 and a 3.7 its sumwhere in there!
[x] Favorite grade: right now!
[x] Least favorite grade: 8th
[x] Favorite teacher: dont have one..but if i was a teacher i wud be my
own favorite....
[x] Least favorite teacher: graves
[x] Favorite subject: espanol
[x] Least favorite subject:everything!
[x] Do you play sports/ extracurricular activites: polo ( not on horses!)
swimming, running, lifting, and any mini sports me n elena can make


[x] Number: 7...at one point in timew i turned 7 on feb 7th at 7 om
[x] Letter: hmmm.......dont care
[x] T.V show: HOUSE!
[x] Shoes: id rather not be in shoes...but converses flip flops...
[x] Clothing: thrifted schtuff
[x] Cologne/Perfume: for girls=addidas for guys= that schtuff by andre
[x] Song: night drive by jimmy eat world
[x] Candy: any thing!
[x] Food: ANY-THING
[x] Singer: too many
[x] Group: once again…too many
[x] Type of music: everything but mainly alternative rock
[x] Hangout: elenas house marshs house...the holiday inn.. LOL!
[x] Fastfood Restaurant: steak n shake!!
[x] Season: summer
[x] Day: saturday
[x] Weekday: friday
[x]Month: june
[x] Shampoo: dont really care??
[x] Deodorant: ban
[x] Car: well im more focused in driving first!

[x] Counrty: italy of brazil
[x] State: hawaii
[x] Boy's name: aiden
[x] Girl's name: grace
[x] Music video: im not ok i promise
[x] Word: qhuliwugr irg m -- i made it up...it means.. SHUT THE FUCK
[x] Swear word: hctib -- bitch backwards...it means male cat


[x] George Bush: well he doesnt really think (?)
[x] Laguna Beach: warmth!
[x] Jessica Simpson: ew
[x] Hilary Duff: AAAAGHHH!
[x] Britney Spears: old
[x] Fuck: yes please....just kidding
[x] Orange: carrot
[x] Love: cushy bear!
[x] Donut: ahhhhhhh
[x] Water: plain


[x] Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: si
[x] What is he/she's name: marshall
[x] When did you get together: feb 8th...the day after my birthday
[x] How long have you been together: just over 3 months
[x] How did you meet: through freinds
[x] How many friends do you have: i try to be freindly with everybody!
[x] Do you smoke: nope..never will
[x] What about drink: don’t want to
[x] Are you a virgin: ...strawberry daquari
[x] If no, when was the last time: never...


[x] What do you think about gay/lesbian people: who cares...there not
bothering any one...let them kiss who they want..
[x] George Bush: not agian!
[x] Boy bands: i fi ever killed my self...they wud be the reason....
[x] The color pink: oOoOo


[x] last birthday:big brothers came home...last VT.. oh and marshall
[x] today: well its still liek 9 50....but i have PrOm
[x] Christmas: the usuall preasants...fun
[x] Thanksgiving: went to chicago to se emah cousins
[x] Easter:the couins came to us...
[x] Valentine's Day: hung out with marsh
[x] Yesterday: English project, hung out with elena, laguna beach
[x] Last weekend: me n marhss 3 month anniversary...VE day.. bros b
day.. mothers day


[x] You ate: cereal
[x] Hugged: elena
[x] Drank: orange juice
[x] You listened to:ben folds
[x] Person you saw: raul
[x] Person you talked to: raul.....its sad


[x] Are you straight: yeah
[x] Are you Asian: I WISH!
[x] Are you Caucasian: yeppers
[x] Are you Mexican: no....
[x] Do you like eggs: green with ham
[x] What about candy: who doesn’t?
[x] Girls: sum o mah best freinds!
[x] Guys: well one...
[x] You: yeah, im happy with myself
[x] Still friends with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend: sum of them yeah!
[x] Are you glad its over: i liek being freinds with them....and i am happy

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