Chill out!
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2005-05-14 05:34:15 (UTC)

I hate it!

I hate it when a guy really likes u deep deep down, but
they r just too chicken to ask u out. I hate it when guys
start rumours and call u a slut. They probably don't even
know what slut means. What do guys have to be so immature?
Do they realise that if they ask, the girl would say yes
if they lyked him?why are relationships so complicated
these days?Why can't it be as simple as making a new
friend?Please! Guys out there, the girls really appreciate
it if u have the guts to ask them out. And if ur someone's
boyfriend, don't tease her when u are with ur friends so u
can be kwel. Trust me, ur not kwel if u do dat.

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