Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-05-14 03:49:50 (UTC)

happy friday the 13th

Another day at home
My mom is hysterical. She told me this joke today and I
couldn't believe it.

So these two saggy boobs were just hanging there and one
saggy boob says to the other saggy boob, "If we don't stop
hanging so far down here, people are gonna start thinking
we're nuts!"

My Mom, you'd never believe...
and then for dinner she made some pot roast and covered it
in mushroom soup so I could eat it easily. She and my dad
ate it on bread, and I'm just repeating now, but she called
it "shit on a shingle" can you believe it. I can't. My mom
never talks like this. I guess she thinks I'm growin' up.
But then.... I get in trouble for saying freakin' and
sucks..... oh well

monster in law is pretty funny

Final thought: I'm a dime, I'm fine, and I shine....or I
will next weekend at the opry:)