Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-05-14 02:47:45 (UTC)

Silly rabbit ... Trix are for kids.

I had my first meet with Tim Piper today. He's head an
shoulders (and some other explicit body parts) over that
arbunkle freak. He actually listened to me, and tried
putting himself in my shoes. I was almost convinced that
after the "gaylord arbunk;le experience" that no one was
going to be able to help me anymore. That I was just going
to wonder around, reaching out to people who have nothing
to offer me.
He was really good. One of the main tings, is that he
didn't attack Nik for everything. He didn't even touch his
name, not even the bipolar bit. He did spell it wrong,
And He didn't ask many questions about Kevin, infact none
at all. I'm greatful, I didn't want to/wasn't going to
mention what school Kevin goes to, where he is, what his
last name is blah blah blah. Arbunkle would have had the
cops on him if she knew everything, and he would be seeing
a full time therapist.
So yeah, over all, he RULED compared to Arbunkle witch.
Gah, she can go die in a corner, no one blames Nik for
everything, especially when I was going to do it, I had a
plan and I had a death wish, and he stopped me. He's a
hero and she is DIRT.

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