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2005-05-13 21:05:47 (UTC)

Day...sumfin! oh fuk it!! lol

music:the sad playlist :( lol

well 2day was the last day!!! it was reli gud! an we
fucked bout an tuk loadsa pics!! lol iv got
looooooooooooads! im guna make a website afta exams an put
them all on 4 ppl at skool an ppl coan send me tham an i
will make a big out group memory thingy lol...

i managed 2 not cry til the end of lunch lol an then i
cryed wen erin gave me a prezzi!! i feel abit bad i didnt
get here neifn now lol i didnt think she wud! its a youth
bible, i was reain it b4, its rlei kl an she put a reli
nice msg in the front an i hope it will help me alot in
life an i will use it loads...i was readin bout self-
esteam in it b4 an i rlei rlei du think it can help me!

iv got alota changes im guna make now im leavin, even tho
i will stil c every1 its stil a fresh start an im probly
guna tel kirsty (hus cuminn 2college wiv me) not 2 mention
my past 2 ppl ter...i dont wana b that person anymore! how
ppl see me isnt even the hole me! i wana b the real me an
i fink i can wiv a nu start now! ill av 2 rite more 2mo
cos i g2g...

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