Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-05-13 20:15:27 (UTC)

Precious Time

Dearest, Loving, Most Wonderful Master,

Thank You so much for everything. You are a wonderful guide
and teacher to Your slave, and she loves You so very much.
this slave considers herself to be the luckiest submissive
woman in the world. she is most happy and content in her
role as slave to You. she is lucky that You found her, and
made her Yours. she was born to be a slave, but if not for
You, she would never have realized her true calling. Thank
You so much, Master.

You have an event to attend tomorrow, but after that You are
on vacation!! W/we have some family time planned for next
week, and it will be O/our anniversary as well. Can it
really have been 19 years? There are times when O/our
relationship seems so new, yet this slave feels as if she
has known You her entire life. There is no one who knows
her better than You. You have shaped and molded this slave
into what she is today, and You have not finished with her.
this slave is a work in progress, and she thanks You for
the love and guidance You give to her daily.

this slave is looking forward to this evening, to O/our
weekend, and especially to Your vacation next week. this
slave hopes You are able to get some much needed rest, which
You greatly deserve.

this slave loves You so much, and she will always be Your
loving, loyal and devoted slave-pet,