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2005-05-13 12:27:31 (UTC)

Read if you wanna know tha story of an angel

Today is Friday tha 13th, long infamied as being a day of bad
luck... well, I don't believe in superstitions... cuz that's denying my
faith in anyways... today I'm going to be really if
you know me and you read this before you see me, don't be
surprised if my face is tear streaked or anything. Today makes
one year since God took another angel away to Heaven... and left
all her friends here to mourn tha loss of one of tha best friends
anyone could ever ask for. Amber Faye Ashworth died 1 year ago
today and... just like with my Mama... time is not healing... I'm
missin her more and more everyday... just like my Mama... but I
suppose someday it will get better... I hope... She was an angel
sent from God... my Mama and Amber both... Amber coined tha
phrase "F.R.O.G.-Fully Rely On God" and even had tha "yellow car
club" with Megan Kidd-Amber had a yellow Beetle, Megan a
yellow Honda Civic. I still remember tha day we all found out
about Amber dying... we cried all day-we being tha Ellerbe girls
that were her friends... and tha guys too, but they were just too
tough to show it... I remember going to her viewing like it was
yesterday.... tha first one I had ever been to.... see, my Mama was
cremated and we had a memorial, not a funeral. Well, I didn't cry
at tha viewing for Amber, not until after I had left... b/c I was trying to
be strong in front of her family... but once I left and got back in tha
car with my Grandma I just leaned over onto her shoulder while
she was driving and cried.... I mean, it was tha first time I had ever
seen a dead person not to mention that it was one of my best
friends... I had known her for forever... and tha cancer had
changed her appearance, she didn't look close to tha same as she
had tha last time I had seen her, and that was when she had
cancer and lost her hair and everything... but like 3 or 4 days
before she died, they had apputated her arm... her right arm... and
she just looked so small and fragile in that casket.... and then tha
next day I went to tha funeral... tha first I had ever been to... and
like with my Mama... it amazed me how many people came to such
a sad occasion... even though it was said that tha funeral was to
"celebrate the life of Amber Ashworth" ... how could we celebrate if
she was gone... today some of us are plannin on going to her
gravesite.. but I'm not so sure if I wanna go with them, b/c I really
don't like crying in front of people... even though I probly should be
with someone... I might go with my Grandma... she's always tha
one that I lean to for support... but I'm definitely goin today.. it will
be tha first time since she was laid to rest there that I have been
back... cuz it was just too hard tha first time... but I am goin today.. I
miss her so much.. our yearbook was dedicated to her, which she
deserve, but it shoulda been tha 06 yearbook, so she coulda been
with us-all her friends... this yearbook shoulda been dedicated to
Michael Heavner... since he died after tha dedications of last year's
book... but anyways... if you want to see her, and you go to
Richmond.. look in your yearbook...pages 2-3... she was a
beautiful, amazing, wonderful young lady who deserved to live
and become all that she wanted to be... but she didn't and never let
that get her down once she found out that she wasn't going to live..
She just kept going... and continued to touch tha lives of others...
even when she was so sick... she always cared about others...
well, now I'm really on tha verge of some major tears.. so I'ma go..
if you want to know anymore about Amber or her family, please
send me some feedback and I will tell you whatever you ask to
know so long as I'm comfortable in giving out that info...
1 life, much love, xoxo

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