Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-05-13 04:24:50 (UTC)


Oh my I don't remember ANYTHING from yesterday. I was so
high on medication, but judging from the stiches in my
gums, I think they removed my wisdom teeth. I just hope in
my state of intoxication that I didn't utter anything to
blemish my character in my parents eyes. Anyway, I did ok,
I just hurt a little now. In a few days I'll be just as
hott as ever.... just kidding. In my mixed up state I
thought about you guys a lot and songs played in my head
and here's one that reminded me of the couples that
developed this year in our beloved Miller Hall,

Two Sleepy People

Here we are, out of cigarettes,
Holding hands and yawning,
Look how late it gets.
Two sleepy people by dawn's early light,
And too much in love to say goodnight.

Here we are, in a cozy chair;
Pickin' on a wishbone from the frigidaire.
Two sleepy people with nothing to say,
And too much in love to break away.

Do you remember the nights we used to linger in the hall?
Your father didn't like me at all.
Do you remember the reason why we married in the fall?
To rent this little nest and get a bit of rest.

Well, here we are just about the same,
Foggy little fella, drowsy little dame.
Two sleepy people by dawn's early light,
And too much in love to say goodnight.

Oh my, the stars are so beautiful here. Blast the city
lights that deprive me of their beauty when I'm in

Final thought: i ain't that lonely yet, no, i ain't that
lonely yet. After what you put me through, no I ain't that
lonely yet