My Gay Misadventures
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2005-05-12 16:46:32 (UTC)

Smile. shitface.

Ho-ly fuckin-crap. What im about to update is ganna make my
diary sound like another one of those 16yo girl diarys about
missing the last episode of dawsons creek. so i'll make it
brief. --

Mom: Broke up with her bf. left out of state for a week.
moved in with me. bf stole her cars (one being mine). got
them back.

Dad: died.

Erik: After gettin income again, he has slipped out of his
depression and has been fuckin boys like crazy. this of
course didnt go well with me, so i started dateing soemone
else. I had the 'talk' with erik, and we are on the verge of
saying a sweet goodbye.

John: An 18yo wiccan street smart kid whom keeps me
intrigued. More or less, he will be mentioned more often.
(more then likely my next mate)

Me: Still unemployed. really hopeing the inhertance money
from dad comes in this month so i can pay rent. Just got
over the flu. Not so depressed after slapping myself a few

And thats how i been in a nutshell. -- I havent even been
able to afford my stash lately. Iv been sober for what seems
like forever (maybe 3 days) and it sucks. its harder for me
to relax. not even jackin off like a mad butcher in a pig
sty helps me think anymore....I almost have enough photos to
bring to life my page again. That should keep me busy.

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