Play With Me
2005-05-12 16:38:28 (UTC)


Stephanie was tha reason we broke up last time. Tha
girlfriend who lives in myrtle beach that he was supposed
to have broken up with, but apparantly didn't. And then he
got her pregnant. And she either had an abortion or
miscarriage one. She claimed miscarriage. Anywayz, ths time
its different but i'll start at tha begginning. yesterday.
I called him, and ths time he actually picked up and we
talked a little. I had better conversations with tim, a
prep, than we had, because i was pissed. He asked what my
attitude was, and what we should talk about. Considering
earlier that day I had publicly, loudly, cussed out Adam
for saying something to Danielle, I was in a bad mood, and
I told him i had had a bad day and that i didnt kno what to
talk about because I was out of practice because we hadnt
had a conversation since Saturday. He said well where is
ths going, and i was like " Why haven't you returned my
phone calls? I have left messages with your brother, and
cousins and you never call me back. He didn't try to offer
an explination, he just sat there. Then he was like, well
what are your plans for ths weekend and i said that i had
already told him i wsa going to my cousins for Sam's
birthday cookout at tha river thing. And he was like" oh,
yea, ha ha, im not going" He for some reason thinx that Sam
wants to fight him and so he refuses t go over there. And I
said, well ya kno, thats stupid because That's where I'm
going to live and so youre going to have to get used to it
or...not. I dont kno. He didnt say anything about that
either. Well, he said he couldn't come to church because he
was throwing up blood again and was going to tha hospital
to get checked out but he would be home around 7. ( i have
a long distance # now too on anothr phone ) and so when i
called him at 9:00 because he cant have calls after ten.
Justin, his cousin, said he was hooking up a VCR and to
call back in 30 minutes. I did, and hi step dad reuban said
that h was doing chores call back in 20 minutes. I did
noone answered. i called 5 minutes later and noone
answered. well, today, i was telling Danielle at lunch
about tha phone conversation and I said " if it's stephanie
again ill kik that bitches ass myself" and someone who must
remain nameless knew who I was talking about and said that
she was here last week ( me and eric were together then!!!)
and eric called her and said that he was gonna kik her ass.
Well, eric said he was gonna fight that david guy her
boyfriend ths weekend, and Jamie said she is coming down
ths weekend. My person is gonna find some shit out for me
cuz i need to kno. So, Monday, i guess ill kno. But there
is a problem.That i just realized now as i was typing......
Stephanie is coming to 'friend' house. 'friend' is riding
with bobby to molestock. I am probably riding with bobby
too. so stephanie, will probably ride with me.'friend' and
bobby.....either way she'll probably be at
molestock......or, somewhere else. And eric is not going to
molestock...I dont kno what to do, but i swear i will not
let myself get fucked over this time. I feel myself
slipping from eric now. Hes not how he used to be, and i
loved that part of him. Besides, ive been having alot of
feelings lately to get back with firebug. I dont kno why,
but i really have for a while. I dont think he would take
me back, but if he took nikki back twice....

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