brianna MOTHER FUCKIN greer

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2005-05-12 15:16:07 (UTC)

finally have a goal

so i finally have a life plan. though i will not go into
detail about it for i don't feel like getting to personal
with whomever is reading these things, i finally know what i
want to do with my life. i used to say that i will go into
the service more because i knew of no other sure fire thing
that i would be able to do that would lead to some sort of
good out come. In the millitary they send you where ever
they wish to. With your own choice, you go where you want
to. I want to move to Macclenny, my family is there. It
would make me want to be a better person. I have goals
there, here, is just so slack, you do nothing all day and
you don't get anywhere with life you work some lame job for
money becuase you and half of your friends have stopped
going to school, and now you have nothing else to do except
get high all day and do nothing. I want something better
than that, I don't want to have to worry about "what I am
going to do for money to get this today". I want to know
that I can always have soemthing there and ready for me and
I know now that I can actually do something with my life. It
doesn't matter what it is that I am doing all that matters
is that I'm actually doing something. I'm going to change my
life and I'm going to be a good person that is my goal in
life to be good. I want to be a good person. I want to live
in jacksonville. I want to be close to my family, and i
don't want to live this life of just falling into doing
something, i don't want to procrastinate until i have
nothing left to do except join the service because i have
missed out on everything i could have once done.
I know that i'm talking in circles i just don't know what to
do I don't know what to say. I finaly have a goal that can
work and i know i can be happy... i can fufill the "american
work hard and make enough money to move to the perfect
enviroment... have kids be happy...

enough of talking in circles, i hope nobody really reads
this, and if you do, mad props, b/c if i was you i would
have shot me by now.
blah blah
i know it's ridiculous and probably will never happen but at
the same time i'm getting out of this town one way or another.

well now it's off to scheme on the parents and be a horrible
teenager go visit the boyfriend and do the horrible deeds
that teenagers these days do.

Brianna D. Greer