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2005-05-12 04:48:48 (UTC)

Borrowing a diary

So i needed to talk to something and since i didnt have my
own diary i decided to go ahead and use this one. See, i
know this amazing girl. Her name is Ashley. And i love her
more than anyone will ever be able to tell. Sometimes she
worries about me doing things with other girls even when
she knows that theres no point in being with any other
girls when ive already got one thats better than everyone
else combined. See, sometimes im not sure if she realises
how much she means to me. Like she could be hanging out
with a group of just guys, it could be guys that she think
are "cute" or "hot" or whatever she wants to say, and i
wouldnt care as long as thats what makes her happy because
thats what makes me happy. If she ever cheated on me (and
i no this makes me seem kinda pathetic) i would take her
back in a heart beat. It might hurt me that she had done
that but if she wanted to get back together after
something like that then there is a 100% chance that i
would come to forgive her. Thats how much she means to me.
I find myself sometimes, singing love songs i know (in my
head) for hours and hours on end because i find some way
to relate them to how i feel. I also know that i have
faults like saying "my friend, adam" or "my exgirlfriend"
and i know that it bugs her but i really think that ive
been doing a lot better about it lately. So, yeah, Ashley
and I have been getting closer to dating for a year, which
is really good for our age but it makes a lot of sense for
us because we are a lot luckier than most people our age.
Most people dont meet the person they love until they get
to be 20 but theyre are some couples who make it through
highschool and end up getting married. I know some kids
whos parents are like that. They have three kids now and
are so happy together. She knows some newly weds like that
too. Its always good to have some reassurance like that,
to know that people have done it before because i find
myself more and more often thinking about life after high
school with Ashley, and it makes me more and more excited
every time i do. Anyway, i just wanted to write this
because i dont have anyone that would want to listen and
so yeah... I just want to say that i love Ashley 10 times
more than life itself.

~Her Petit Oiseau forever

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