Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2005-05-12 04:42:00 (UTC)

Recording "Thin Skin & An Open Heart"

so a few weeks ago I started the slow process of recording
my new album
1st I started making a list of the songs I have written
that have never been recorded
then (with the help of my friend Jason) I recorded the
ones I hadn't previously recorded
then i sifted through the 80 something songs that have
never been released
and today I met with the co-producer/engineer (my friend
Jeremiah) and we picked 16 songs
and in 2 weeks or so I will start recording
and when we are finished recording we will drop a couple
and release the album
I have chosen the name "Thin Skin & An Open Heart"
for now i will start working on lyrics with mattTWO
finishing the songs (arrangement...etc.)
pay bills
and try booking and playing acoustic shows here and there

so i am sure you are wondering what the songs sound like
well (stay with me on this one): take elliot smith, add an
orchestra, brian wilson vocals, crazy loops, and bright
eyes lyrics and you've pretty much got it
we'll see what we get

and you might wonder, "what happened to 'Shirts & Skins'?"
well hopefully when I finish this you will forget about it
but I do plan on finishing it this year and still
releasing it
so I'll let you know more about it

anywho that's it check back regularly
[email protected]