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2005-05-12 00:58:38 (UTC)

OMG.. talk about scaring the..

OMG.. talk about scaring the shit out of me.. i was
hangin out with tim, ron, kyle, abe and them down by abes
earlier.. and i had to go home because i was like a hour
late.. and i get home and i realize moms cars gone so i
figured she went to the new house w/ out me.. but when i
get inside i see a note that says!

NICK I WAS CALLED TO GO SEE POPPY!! to me this wasnt
good because my grandpa hasnt been doing to hot latly he
over dosed on his medication like this past weekend. so
anyways i was like panicking i was scard because i dont
want him 2 die!! so i called catt and she said its gunna
be ok. she said just prey and try not 2 think about it 2
much.. so i preyed.. and then i called mom and asked if he
was ok.. and he is.. thank god that scard the crap out of
me. i should probably start preparing my self for him
passin away.. but its gunna be hard 2 do that. idk i dont
wanna really think about losin him because it makes me
angry he has to leave but i no he's going 2 a better
place.. and he want have 2 suffer anymore..

idk.. dude ok back 2 earlier 2day ron, abe, tim, kyle and
me were down in the bottom parkin lot bouncing a golf high
into the air and tim and ron were tring 2 catch it.. i was
like fuck that shit.. anyways. ron bounced it really high
and it hit this van and left a hugh ass dent from what
they said i didnt see it all i no is i heard it and im
surprised it didnt go throught the hood.. and then we all
went up top in the big parkin lot and we we all scetchy..
so were like see ya abe and tim ron and kyle headed for
tims house and i went home.. and we were like scard
shitless because there were like 2 people outside and it
look like they had a phone in there hand so we bailed

ok im gunna try and call catt . im bored and feel like
talkin.. later