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2005-05-12 00:47:53 (UTC)

Almost well again

Wow, it's been ages since i've caught up in here-- I've
been knee deep in real estate transactions.. ol' JB gave
me a raise--$50.00 per transaction! That on top of my
regular salary will make for a VERY nice summer! :) I
would be very smart to sock that bonus money away--
considering I will probably work my way through at least
40 transactions before September-- that money will be well
needed when SSD quits. Speaking of SSD, I saw DR M
today and he said I look well! I am not taking any
medication except one-- down from over SEVEN per day!!!
He said all my tests are normal, my asthma is all but
disappeared and the sheer fact that the headaches are gone
is almost proof in itself that it was the IBM spill that
made me sick-- it has been almost one year since we moved
away from Endicott-- and slowly but surely, my health has
returned. I praise the Lord for that! Dr M said if ever he
saw a case that someone should sue the pants off a
company, it would be me. Ehhhh, but that AIN'T me.. that
company, while denying the problem, DID pay my salary and
medical bills for the three years of miserable sickness.
They covered everything without a blink of an eye--
probably so fearful I would sue-- but how can I? That's
just not the Christian thing. Ya, it's the AMERICAN way--
but I am not American.. I am just Christian...

I just want to thank my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, for
healing me, giving me the strength and resources to move
into our lovely big home, helping me to find a great job
that I love and my wonderful boyfriend. Today I am feeling

Thank you, God, for the raise and thank you for a good DR

Now, about this weight gain... if you could just see your
way to helping me get motivated, I'd be eternally
grateful. Thank you, Lord,

your faithful girl, A

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