East yorkshire diary of a countryman
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2005-05-11 22:10:54 (UTC)

life rushes by

Does any body else get pleasure from little things or am I
a sad one?
To night as dusk fell the liquid bubbling cries of a
curlew, strangely haunting and lonely filled me with joy,
bringing back memories of tramping rural Shropshire with
border collie before leaving home for good' Collge, wife
jobs and mortgages (not neccesarily in that order)and i
never did walk those fields again.
I also saw my first wild avocet chicks tonight on the
North Cave wetlands, four about 3 days old complete with
foisty mother who could not decide whether brooding her
young was more important or moving on an innocent looking
oyster catcher.
the hawthorn is in flower filling the evening with it's
sweet scent and the air is alive withthe soung of
greenfinches It must be a good year for them and we now
have two pairs visiting on a regular basis.

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