The Moth Diaries, Poetry
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2005-05-11 21:33:21 (UTC)

Poem 51- Twilight Shadows

2005-05-11 21:29:18 (GMT)

Poem 51- Twilight Shadows

and in the depths of twilight
she sighs
she gives in to the absolution of surrender.
could it be, should it be, please rest on me,
die unto me, let your waves of blood pass over my eyes.
close them tight, hold them shut, block out these images
streaming past from the twilight shadows.

make it real, make it end, make it cease to hurt.
bring me the head of the night time watch man
bring me the ghost of who i used to be
release my duration of yeilding.
please stop this head falling running into a brick wall,

breaths of air, puffs of energy
warm from the body, cold from the heart.
pierce the light from the darkness with my thorn,
and i wish that i could have been your dream...
the one you hoped for, died for, cherished.
but i was nothing and i was left kneeling, prostrate
infront of that grotesque false god you took to be yourself.

i know you, your knowing but i want what went before,
all that pain and gory that went before, all that glory.
my first, my only, my last.
this is not a pleasant thought, it never was
it never will be, and yet my eyes wish it every time they

its those sighing twilight shadows that keep me tied to my
i try and run, but the teathers hold me tight.
those binding circles of light.

© Lucy Griffin May05

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