How To Be Dead

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2005-05-11 19:15:30 (UTC)

Jinx Me Something Crazy...

I'm all aloneee =(!..I can't WAIT! till drama is all over
which is tomorrow..YAY! anyways..yesterday..what did i do?
I missed the first half of school cause I had ecdl all
morning and I walked in late on monday for ecdl and the
teacher wasn't too impressed so I decided that I didn't
wanna walk in late I didn't go..I went into
school after break tho..dunno why...only had English,
Geography..and Tutorial..I was in a terribly mood too =|!
dunno why..just was! can't remember yesterday..I remember
Sinead wasn't too happy with me cause she THOUGHT I was
gonna stalk Damien Rice's uncle in Tesco =/! and then I
touched Damien Rice's car..and i don't care what you think was his car ;p! oh and sinead both
had to do our career projects so we rang christina and
asked her to do a heading for us..but she rang me back
later and said she couldnt so I had to do them! oh
yeah..then everyone went to drama and i was all alone
again but i had a great time..i started watchin the o.c at
8..and then sinead texted me at like 11? and was like 'hi
you coming online?' and i was suppose to be online so she
could send me her career project so I could print it for
her cause she has no ink! but i was soo caught up in the
o.c that i completely forgot about my project! but anyways
i got it done by around 12..and it looked alright so
hopefully the teacher will like it better than my last one
that SHE RIPPED UP! ah..i keep getting distracted from
this..ive been writing this for agesss...anyways...then i
went up to my room at like midnight and i watched more of
the o.c..i was up till around 2 watching it =)! then i
went to school today and had accounting..then i had by
ecdl test which i got off one accouting class and an irish
class..and i failed the test..i got 61% and u need 75% to
pass..what a bitch..then i had maths..and blah..christina
got moved up the front..and then byrner came in and was
like 'whys she sittin up there by herself?' and then
claire was like 'she got moved for meetin sarah' and
byrner believed her..what a fuckin idiot..! i hate him so
much! and then he went and told karen and karen went up to
christina and was like 'were u meetin sarah in maths?'
jesusssss! oh yeah and today was a non-uniform day but
theres always one person who forgets! unfortunately this
time that one person was me..everyone kept tellin me i was
in my uniform as if i didnt already know! so meggers made
me a sign saying 'i know im wearing my uniform!!' and i
stuck in to me with a pen! but that caused everyone to
stop and try and read the sign..but all the same it was
funny! then i had visual communications basically a longer
name for art! i just talked to...lesley =)! amy =(! aimee
=)! sarah =/! and louise =)! anyways then i walked home
with..sinead christina claire and..thats it i think! then
i went out with sinead..then we seen..aine, orla and steph
so we just walked around with them...then we called for
niamh and then we went to super! im going to see fiddler
on the roof again cause sinead robbed me and christina
tickets...yaaaay i looove herrrr =)! bored of
writing now and its taking me wayyy too bye.

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