Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-05-11 17:47:32 (UTC)

A new peace

Dearest, Wonderful, Loving Master,

Today is much better. this slave is feeling more at peace
after O/our talks yesterday and today. this slave's stomach
has calmed down and her period cramps are much improved.
Thank You for Your sensitivity and concern for U/us. this
slave knows that You put Your family first in all things.
Sometimes it is hard to determine exactly what is best.

this slave enjoyed O/our time T/together in bed last night.
she appreciated that You allowed her some time to herself,
but what she really loved was going to bed with You. she
loves spending time touching You and carressing Your cock as
it grows harder and harder. she loves stroking Your balls
with her fingertips and gently massaging Your legs and feet
as Your grown in pleasure. she also loves how Your arms
enfold her and hold her close to Your body. she loves Your
fingers as they search for and find her nipples, pinching
them gently at first, and then progressively getting firmer
and firmer in their grip. The feeling of pressure and
"pain" travels from her nipples to her pussy, causing it to
spasm in pleasure. There will be no pussy play; *pout* she
is on her period, and still recovering from the cryogenic
procedure, so even tampon use is prohibited. At least it
should be over by the weekend. Lord, this slave hopes it
will be over! Anyway, this slave digresses... It was still
good to be with You, Master, and it felt good to lie and
talk with You afterwards. W/we were B/both tired, so O/our
talk did not last for long, but it was meaningful. Thank
You so much, Master... For everything.

Tonight is another travelling game, as is tomorrow. Last
nights game got rained out after two innings, and resulted
in a loss :-(, but O/our child did get a really nice hit and
scored a run! this slave also got to spend some time
talking with another home schooling mom.

Well, this slave still has some school to teach. we should
be done in less than two weeks, and we are all ready to get
it over with. O/our oldest child is really hot to be done,
doing extra lessons each day. this slave is still making
sure that they have an understanding of what they are
learning, and not just going through the motions to get done
quickly. Above all, their educational success is what is
most important here.

this slave loves You so very much, and she is so happy that
she is Your slave. she will always be Your loving, loyal,
and devoted slave-pet,